Asparagus! You can find this vegetable all year round in your local supermarkets but to me this vegetable screams Summer! Made up of about 90% water, asparagus is very nutritious and full of vitamins, calcium and iron. It can be served raw, cooked, grilled, baked, warm or even cold, it really is versatile. It comes in two sizes; thick and thin and the size in this case is of no importance to its tenderness.
I chose it as the star of the month because it really is our family`s favorite. Although, it wasn`t until Mika (our family dog) began eating it raw that I actually started to explore all the posibilities with this vegetable; trying recipes using both raw and cooked asparagus.
So what do you need to know. First of all when bringing it home from the market the best way to keep it fresh in your fridge is by putting the bottom tips into about an inch of water keeping the bunch in an upright position.
And while Mika will eat the entire sprig of asparagus, I would advise that you cut the bottom tips right off as they tend to be woody and fibrous especially in the larger size. An easy way to do this is using both hands; bend the bottom portion of the asparagus in half and the tender part will break off naturally from the tougher part. Then you could simply use a knife to trim the rest of the bunch of the bottoms off using the one you trimmed as a guide.
You will find a couple of my favourite recipes in the recipe box enjoy!
Vanessa xo

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